T20U Amplifier / DAC

KingRex T20U Tripath Amplifier / USB DAC

Considering the price of this beautifully designed and machined DAC/Amp, you'd be mad to buy a soundcard for your computer. Initially, just add a £1.99 USB lead and speakers for a musical experience so much more satisfying than a PCI card and the boom-tizz sat/sub monstrosities that have too long blighted our desktops.

Measuring about the size of a hardback book, this lovingly crafted and compact convergent device delivers mellifluous musicality even in its 'base' specification, with a sound quality more akin to classic tube amplifiers than shrill transistors. However, to hear what it's really capable of, the first substantial upgrade to consider is the KingRex PSU which adds weight and authority to the bottom end and dramatically enlarges the soundstage, without compromising any of its delicacy of touch. A similar step up in terms of dynamics and resolution is afforded by adding one of the matching preamps.

All the components used in T20 & T20U are of the highest quality and have been selected through intensive listening sessions – from the PCB itself to the high quality chassis and anodized gold RCA and SP terminals.

KingRex T20U Amplifier Rear

RRP: £235 (inc VAT)


TRIPATH power module TA2020-20

0.03% THD+N@10W 4Ω
0.1% THD+N@12W 4Ω
0.18% IHF-IM@1W 4Ω

Power output:
22W @4Ω
10%THD+N, VDD=13.5V
13W @ 8Ω
10% THD+N, VDD=13.5V

88% @12W 8Ω
81% @20W 4Ω

Dynamic Range: 99dB

Over current and over temperature protection.

Gold RCA and SP terminals.

6mm thick aluminium faceplate and aluminium volume control.

Noble potentiometer.

Single USB input.

DAC: Burr-Brown PCB2702E chip. Low pass filter: Burr-Brown OPA2604. DC Servo: Texas Instruments TL072 low noise JFET op amps.

180 x 140 x 45mm

Weight: 2.1kg


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