PREference Pre Amplifier

The all new PREference reference-grade pre-amplifier

The second-generation pre-amplifier from KingRex is a logical extension of the success story of the award-winning preamp. Built around a high quality op-amp and the diamond buffer, so highly praised for its musicality, a current booster has been added to the final output of the amplifier stage to enhance drive-ability. A DC Servo circuit has also been implemented to minimise signal loss due to coupling capacitors.

The result is accurate and perfectly balanced signal amplification, free from colouration, yet highly adaptable.

A separate high performance power supply unit further guarantees interference-free performance and a jet-black noise floor. Panasonic FM electrolytic capacitors stand guard along critical paths, dedicated to extremely low ESR. Both the preamp and the PSU (power supply unit) are housed in all-aluminium chassis.

A special feature is the sliding door on top of the preamp opening up to phono stage settings: MC/MM with high/low gain and six preset resistive loads.

Boasting impressive full frequency range with THD as low as 0.0004% and dynamic range better than 108dB, the PREference will doubtless prove to be the preamp of choice for discerning audiophiles.

Preference PreAmp Resistive Load Selector

Price: £1195 (inc VAT)


Audio Precision Data
@14db gain (PDF)

Gain: 6, 12, 18db switchable

Frequency Response: ±0.01db
(from 20Hz–20kHz)
(from 0Hz-80kHz)

Signal to noise ratio: Better than 126dB

THD+N ratio: 0.0004%

THD+N Level:
better than -16dB
(A-weighing 20Hz–20kHz)

-110dB (at 1kHz)
-91dB (at 10kHz)

IMD: 0.0011%

Phonostage specifications:

Signal to noise ratio: 115dB (MM-Low gain), 106dB (MC-Low gain)

Crosstalk (at 1kHz): -94dB (MM-Low gain), -79dB (MC Low-gain)

Cross talk (at 10kHz): -100db (MM Low gain), -86dB (MC Low gain)

Gain (at 1kHz):
24dB (MM-Low gain),
43dB (MC-Low gain),
High gain = +20dB

Max Input Level:
19mV (MM), 6.6mV (MC), High-gain), 218mV (MM), 72mV (MC) (Low Gain)

Output Impedance:
<100 Ohms

Input Impedance:
100 Ohms, 220 Ohms,
47 kOhms, switchable

Input Capacitance:
0 P, 100 P, switchable


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